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Yamaha R1

As race car designers we have taken our expertise and used it to produce a fantastic special in two wheels. In real terms this was an engineering exercise taking the best of different manufacturers and making a truly superb road sports bike.

1998 R1 completely stripped back to the last nut and bolt. Every bearing, bush, seal replaced with genuine new parts.

The brilliant R1 frame re-engineered to take the super light and best in class Suzuki GSX 750 R magnesium 8 injector un-restricted engine.

R1 brakes, wavy discs, wheels and rebuilt forks.
Suzuki, unmodified wiring loom, controls and instruments.
Harris exhaust, custom seat base and rear lights.

Many many hours were spent with a 84kg rider moving the engine around until we had the perfect front rear balance and low centre of inertia. Fully fuelled the bike weighs in at 164kg

    Px and full dealer facilities
  • Price:£poa

Interested in buying it? Go ahead and talk with us on the 01726 822326. We'll be pleased to answer your questions.